Founded in 1992, NEW BELLA is a large fashion and sports industry group, covering three major business areas of footwear, sports, and apparel, with more than ten shoe collections including BELLE, TATA, 73Hours, TEEN MIX, and BASTO.



         NEW BELLA has always been committed to creating a "light fashion" shoe brand. Most of the products adopt the design of color, light decoration, light technology, and light material, so as to create more light and soft shoes for women and create a light and simple life taste with quality.




       Posture has no boundary. NEW BELLA does not advocate looking at women's walking posture from a single fixed perspective but hopes that women can better define and sublimate "light posture" from the interpretation of their own posture. Women are urged to pay more attention to their emotions, body, and life through the power of "light pose".NEW BELLA believes that with the support of a "light pose", women can enjoy light fashion better.